[Quantum Universe Center] [Statistical Physics] 2021 KIAS Recruitment Announcement for QUC Research Fellow Positions
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2021 KIAS Recruitment Announcement

for QUC Research Fellow Positions in Statistical Physics


As the first research institute for basic sciences in the nation, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) was founded in 1996 by Korean Government to promote excellence in the basic science research. Located in Seoul, KIAS provides a unique research environment, where its members as well as visitors can enjoy constant academic stimuli and friendly administrative support.


1. Position Details




No. of


Research Field


Research Fellow

Quantum Universe Center



o Statistical Physics


2. Required Qualifications


Doctoral degree in relevant research fields.

Qualified under “State Public Officials Act” of Korean Government.

    (Disqualifying factors are listed in Article 33.)

 ※ For Korean citizens:

    An opening for the alternative military service may be available. Eligible candidates are asked to check the relevant item when applying via the KIAS recruitment webpage, <2021 KIAS Recruitment Announcement for QUC Research Fellow Positions in Statistical Physics>.


3. Terms of Appointment



Period of Appointment

The initial appointment for QUC Research Fellow is for two years with the possibility of a one-time renewal of two or three additional years, depending on the research performance and the needs of the research program at KIAS.

The actual period of appointment can be adjusted if the research program requires such adjustments.

Salary & Benefits

Salary is to be determined according to the KIAS personnel regulations and guidelines.

Benefits include the coverage of 4 major social insurances; national pension, health insurance, employment insurance, and industrial accident compensation insurance.


85 Hoegi-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 02455, South Korea

For detailed information, please refer to the KIAS employment information webpage.


4. Review Process




Evaluation criteria

No. of selected candidates

Research Fellow

Initial screening


(Subject to change)

Suitability of the research topics

Excellence in the research performance

Potential for the future development

Less than or equal to three times the number of openings



(Subject to change)

Demonstration of expertise in the relevant research fields

Perspectives for the future research direction

Presentation skills

Less than or equal to the number of openings


(The same number of candidates is selected for the waiting list.)

The interview may be held virtually if necessary.


5. Required Documents

  - Curriculum vitae, publication list, research statement, and reference letters from 3 referees

  ※ Note that referees are required to directly upload their reference letters via the KIAS recruitment webpage.

      Alternatively, referees can also submit their reference letters via email (phys@kias.re.kr).

  ※ To avoid the conflict of interest, KIAS professors cannot serve as referees.


6. Application Method and Deadline

a. Application Method: KIAS recruitment webpage (https://jobs.kias.re.kr/)

    Press the ‘Apply’ button below at the bottom of this page.

b. Deadline: June 1, 2021 (23:59, GMT +9)


7. Additional Information

a. The salary and other working conditions of the position will comply with the KIAS personnel regulations and guidelines.

b. The job offer can be withdrawn if the information provided in application materials is found to be false.

c. The review process can be closed without selecting the candidates for the next stage of review if none of the applicants are found to be suitable for the position.

d. Applicants should take full responsibility for any consequence resulting from the false information, omissions and errors in application materials, the omission of required documents, and so forth.

e. Applicants can request the return of application materials within the period of three months after the final announcement of recruitment results under Article 4 of “Enforcement Decree of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act” of Korean Government.

f. Please send any inquiry to <phys@kias.re.kr>.





2021. 04. 01.

President of Korea Institute for Advanced Study